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Road to the Horse 2018 will be hosted by:

Meet Matt West…

mattwest_headshot-webBorn and raised in northeast Oklahoma, Matt West has always been fascinated with the cowboy lifestyle. After receiving a degree in agriculture from Northeast Oklahoma A&M and then attending Oklahoma State University, it was a dare that put Matt behind the microphone for the very first time. Since that time he has made a career out of announcing professionally and with his unique style and the blessings of some of the industry’s top professionals, he continues climbing the ladder of success. Beginning his career in amateur rodeo, West has since earned his PRCA card and continues to work various PBR events across the country and even in Canada. It’s his strong faith and continued family support that West credits for his quick success, but also notes that it’s his extended “rodeo family” and new friends he has the opportunity to meet along the way that keep him traveling and doing what he loves to do. Road to the Horse 2018 will mark West’s sixth year as the Host of Road to the Horse.


On top of the scheduled on-the-edge-of-your-seat World Championship of Colt Starting action, fans at will enjoy these entertainers:

Onearmbandit_2-webMeet The One Arm Bandit & Co…..

Thanks to family and friends, The One Arm Bandit & Co. has won the prestigious title of PRCA “Specialty Act of the Year” an unprecedented 12 times. John believes anything can be accomplished through sheer nerve, determination, and the drive to excel in  one’s field.

John S. Payne is a veteran entertainer at Road to the Horse but fans haven’t witnessed his talent since 2015. Learn more at

Special Appearances by:

Meet Craig Cameron…

rtthHomepageFeaturedImage_cameronCraig Cameron grew up dreaming of being a cowboy. Although he went to school in Houston, Texas, his family always owned and operated cattle ranches in Texas where Craig’s heart and soul seemed most at home. With a natural love of horses, Cameron started taking local horses from people who were having “horse problems”. He took a slower, more natural approach that seemed to work. Now Cameron performs his magic on a regular basis to enthusiastic horse owners, not only on the road where he travels almost 80,000 miles a year, but also as a regular clinician on RFD-TV. Cameron’s two shows, Ride Smart and the wildly popular, award-winning Extreme Cowboy Race, have brought him even more notoriety in the horse industry. Cameron still starts hundreds of colts and teaches hundreds of classes each year, coast to coast. In 2010, Cameron claimed a World Championship of Colt Starting title at Road to the Horse. Craig Cameron may have grown up dreaming to be a cowboy, but with his induction into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, people now will always say, “He didn’t just dream it, he lived it.” Learn more at



Meet Trevor Carter…

Trevor loves most to be working, roping and branding cattle in addition to developing bridle horses and competing in cow horse events. Growing up in Texas, Trevor always wanted to be a master horseman and a cowboy. To do that, Carter made an effort to learn directly from legends like Ray Hunt, Pat Parelli, Martin Black, Buck Branaman, Jack Brainard and Darren Simpkins.

Trevor and his wife Tara currently live in Clovis, NM with their toddler son, William. They raise, develop, and compete on their own horses, and train for the public. Not only do they travel all over the world to teach horsemanship clinics, they also open their ranch to dedicated students seeking to improve their own skills through an unparalleled horsemanship experience.

Trevor Carter competed as a Wild Card at Road to the Horse 2014 and Road to the Horse 2015. In the 2014 Wild Card competition, Trevor finished in fourth place behind Sean Patrick, Mary Kitzmiller and Wild Card Champion Jim Anderson. Trevor carter captured the Road to the Horse 2015 Wild Card title and made his way into the round pen as a competitor. Learn more at


AntoineCloux-webMeet Antoine Cloux

Antoine was born in Geneva, Switzerland. He started a career as a semi-professional ice hockey player at age 16 along with riding horses part time, but was not entirely satisfied by the kind of horsemanship he was exposed to. During a trip to Wyoming in 1996, he participated in a Bryan Neubert and Buck Brannaman clinic that started a strong desire to learn this kind of horsemanship. He quit playing hockey and spent a lot of time in the US learning with different people like Destry Campbell, Richard Winters and Mindy Bower, but spent most of his time with Martin Black. Having a passion for horse cultures of the world, where people and horses still share their days working together with cattle, Antoine also traveled, studied and worked in Australia, Argentina and Brazil. When he came back to Europe he was one of the first to attempt to promote and encourage people to discover a different kind of horsemanship. This included the traditions of the vaqueros and working and training horses with cattle. A way different approach than what is common in a dressage/ jumping stronghold like in Switzerland!

In 2003 he translated Tom Dorrance’s book into French and since 2004 has been organizing clinics with Frank Dominguez, Martin and Wade Black in France and Switzerland. He also brings groups of riders to the US for ranch experiences. He now lives in Geneva, Switzerland were he starts colts and trains horses for polo, racing, jumping, dressage and other disciplines with is wife, Maud. Antoine Cloux competed at Road to the Horse 2014, and was our first competitor from Switzerland.


Meet Mike Kevil…Mike_Kevil

As a child Mike Kevil rode horses for leisure, and it wasn’t until his high school years that this pastime took a new direction. He headed to Colorado where he worked, and developed what he calls the “foundation of his training.” Riding and handling a variety of horses showed Mike that nothing compares to a hands-on experience. He began working with Gene LaCroix, an Arabian horse trainer, who refined his fundamentals further, teaching Mike about timing and feel, softness and pressure and giving a reason to everything you do. He was also fortunate to have worked for some of the great cutting horse trainers, Don Dodge, Shorty Freeman and Matlock Rose.

For 40 years Mike has developed his own training practices that include patience, consistency and understanding the horse. Before the modern day term “Horse Whisperer” Mike was a master of this art. Today, he has numerous horses in his training program and a full waiting list. Although he admits that he does not get hung up on terms such as “Horse Whisperer,” he continually strives to become a “good hand.” Mike is the noted author of “Starting Colts, a Western Horseman Book” and its DVD counterparts, “Starting Colts” volumes one and two available through Western Horseman.

Mike Kevil was a Road to the Horse competitor in 2008 and then returned as a judge from 2012 to 2015.