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vickiwilsonweb1Vicki Wilson has always had a passion for riding and started her career in an unorthodox fashion at 3 years old, riding and training the family sheep. A few decades on, Vicki is one of NeRTTH2017_Session3-(598-of-484)-webwZealand’s most successful and well-respected show jump riders, being known for her competitive edge and her ability to produce happy horses. She has won countless classes at the highest levels, right through to World Cup, and has consistently been in the winner’s circle since she won her first national title in 2004. At Horse of the Year, Vicki has won the Lowry Medallion five times and the Nationwide Cup nine times – more than any other rider in history. She has represented New Zealand in the winning Trans-Tasman Young Rider team three times and has ridden under the New Zealand flag in Europe, with many wins and placings.

Well regarded for her versatility, Vicki has won many national titles across the Show Jumping, Show Hunter and Showing disciplines, while creating a name for herself in the Southern Hemisphere through bareback and bridle-less demonstrations and jumping displays. Vicki amazed crowds in 2011 jumping a 6ft puissance wall bareback, in 2012 she jumped a car and in 2013 another horse.

Outside of the competition arena, Vicki is one of the country’s top horse trainers. Her specialties lie with fixing problem horses, the domestication of wild horses and colt starting, having started hundreds of horses over the last twenty years. She has a strong philosophy based on producing happy horses who love their work, and takes a holistic approach to horse welfare. Over the years she has developed a reputation for successfully rehabilitating sore and difficult horses, having learnt that horses generally only show negative behavior as a reaction to pain or fear, and aims to foster confidence; working to find solutions rather than punishing symptoms.vickiwilson-web3

Since 2012, alongside her sisters Kelly and Amanda, Vicki has become widely known for her work with wild horses, having tamed and advocated for the plight of New Zealand’s wild Kaimanawas, the American Mustangs and more recently the legendary Australian Brumbies. The Wilson Sisters made their reality television debut with their top-rated series Keeping up with the Kaimanawas, which has been followed by two documentaries and four best-selling books sharing their experiences working with horses around the globe.

Vicki Wilson soon became a fan favorite at Road to the Horse 2018, showing the grit and grace like a true champion.

“He (Boon River San) didn’t quit and I didn’t quit, that’s what being a cowgirl is all about. I believe our job as riders and trainers around the world is to inspire the next generation, to get kids to believe that anything is possible in this life and if we want something bad enough, you have to work hard and be prepared to sacrifice and chase those dreams” Wilson stated as she admired her Road to the Horse 2017 Gist Silversmith Championship buckle. “Never stop chasing dreams.”

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