AQHA Remuda

“Fingers drumming on the counter top, waiting, Thunderstruck playing in my head, lights are circling the arena, gates are opening… I am ready!” Lj Shrewz – RTTH Fan

When they run into the arena for the first time everyone gets goose bumps, the power, energy and grace of the American Quarter Horse is on full display during this moment. The moment that every Road to the Horse fan does not want to miss.

aqharemudablodgettOne of the most well-respected Quarter Horse ranches in the United States, 6666 Ranch is a recipient of the AQHA Best Remuda Award, and has been named an AQHA All- Time Leading Breeder of Performance Horses. There is no doubt to any true horseman that the 6666 Ranch is a legend in its own time.

Road to the Horse partnered with the 6666 Ranch for their exemplary equine breeding program and outstanding record of tradition and excellence.

Focusing on certain “mare families” that are proven to deliver desirable traits to their offspring has provided several predominant broodmare groups for 6666 Ranch. Matching proven maternal genetics with the industry’s leading cutting, reining, ranch and all-around performance producers, 6666 Ranch has created fail-proof system for success.

The Four Sixes keep many of their foals for later use on the ranch or in the breeding program. The geldings selected for the Road to the Horse Remuda come from a group of horses chosen to remain at the 6666s with the eligibility of being included in the cowboy string. Helping manage the Black Angus cow/calf operation that includes 7,000 mother cows, the cowboy string is an integral part of 6666 Ranch.

“On the male side of production, we will select a few stallion prospects and then pick ranch remuda horses. These geldings are not from one particular sire line, but are a good mixture of performance breeding. For Road to the Horse we will pick a good representative sampling of 6666s raised horses,” says Dr. Glenn Blodgett, manager of the 6666s horse division.

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