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    To watch educational and entertaining footage from Road to the Horse 2017 simply:

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    Missing the colt starting action? The Road to the Horse 2017 DVD contains every minute of the Road to the Horse competition, so you don’t miss a minute! Every round, every competitor and every colt is featured in two state-of-the-art over-stuffed DVDs, which are in stock now! Shop here.

  • RTTH Official Program receives Top Honors at AHP Equine Media Awards

    We take the Road to the Horse Official Program very personally. We’ve racked up countless hours writing, creating, tweaking and editing but who counts hours when you’re following a passion? It’s both our desire to create the best program we can for our fans and our unyielding love for horse, that drives us to not only create an informative publication but one that will be cherished as a keepsake. Road to the Horse was honored to accept top honors in the Business Brand Equine-Related Publication category at the AHP Equine Media Awards on June 17th in Scottsdale, AZ.

    The award-winning Road to the Horse 2016 Program was our biggest yet, encapsulating seventy-two color pages with everything a fan would love to know about Road to the Horse including pedigrees on the AQHA Remuda, Road to the Horse history, scorecards, judge’s biographies and even favorite reaward-tophonorescipes from the competitors!

    Road to the Horse was also privileged to accept an additional award of an Honorable Mention in the highly-contested Business Equine-Related Single Print Advertisement category, an advertisement inspired by a stunning portrait photograph of Nadine Bailey, Tootie Bland’s mother.

    “We won! Holy cow, we won!” declared Road to the Horse Owner/Producer Tootie Bland. “There have been a million ‘No, that is not quite right’ to ‘yes that’s it’ in my ‘push until you get it’ fashion to take a typically stagnant, common program that is cranked out at all events and turn it into a memorable keepsake from Road to the Horse to our fans. It is an honor to have won this AHP Award and on a personal note the portrait advertisement of my mother, Nadine Bailey, receives an Honorable Mention! It was a great day for Road to the Horse among the giants of the publishing world.”

  • Check out our YouTube Channel

    rtthHomepageFeaturedImage2018-youtubeWe’re made it even easier for you to enjoy Road to the Horse action anytime, anywhere! Simply visit our YouTube Channel and enjoy Road to the Horse footage and bonus material. You’ll find snippets from past events, past entertainers plus interviews with past and current competitors. We’ll be constantly adding new footage so check back often!

    View the Road to the Horse YouTube Channel here.

  • One Arm Bandit & Co. Returns in 2018


    In 2018, Road to the Horse will celebrate our Fifteenth Anniversary in spectacular style and there’s no better way to kick off the festivities than with entertainer and fan favorite, the One Arm Bandit. John S. Payne is a veteran entertainer at Road to the Horse but we haven’t witnessed his talent since 2015, when his wild west attitude and inspirational strength instantly shot him to popularity with Road to the Horse fans.

    “How could we ever celebrate our Fifteenth Anniversary without our great friend and twelve-time Specialty Act of the Year, John Payne” states Road to the Horse Owner/Producer Tootie Bland. “He’s RTTH family and it’s always a wild ride to have him return, as we kick off our mega celebration of fifteen years of great horsemanship, change, tenacity and entertainment! You can’t have a mega-celebration without a mega-watt entertainer.”

    John S. Payne, the notorious One Arm Bandit, was born to a rancher in the oil rich town of Shidler, Oklahoma, on April 19, 1953. Ranch life with four brothers taught John to ‘Get out of the way or get run over.’  John believes ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going.’

    Onearmbandit_2-webOn June 12, 1973, while tearing a house down for his dad and thinking the electricity had been shut off, John climbed an electric pole to cut some wires.  Problem was, he was dead wrong about the status of the wires.  Thousands of volts of electricity ran through his entire body for an unbearable ten seconds. John remembers the electrocution clearly.  He tried to release his grip, but could not. It burnt through his fingers on his right hand and he fell twenty-five foot to his death.

    Despite the massive electrocution, he survived. What hurt the most afterwards was his chest, which had been worked over by his rescuer during CPR. After a mad dash to the Ponca City Hospital, an ER nurse asked John what he was allergic to.  While staring death in the face, John wittingly answered “Electricity makes me break-out a bit,” proving his sense of humor was still intact.

    The doctors wanted to cut off John’s left leg but he told them; “I can’t ride a horse with one leg, and if I can’t ride a horse, I don’t want to live.”  The doctors did, however, cut off his right arm below his shoulder. After five weeks in the Tulsa Burn Center, the doctor reported, “No apparent brain damage, but he will be shorthanded.”  So, John checked himself out and went home to start breaking a horse he had bought while in the hospital.

    In 1975 John took a liking to Judy Crabtree and they married.  John and Judy are responsible for what is now the most sought after gang in the rodeo world today, The One Arm Bandit & Co.

    Thanks to family and friends, The One Arm Bandit & Co. has won the prestigious title of PRCA Specialty Act of the Year an unprecedented 12 times. Learn more at www.TheOneArmBandit.net.

    Road to the Horse 2018 tickets are available online at www.RoadtotheHorse.com or by calling 877-772-5425.  Follow Road to the Horse on Facebook for the latest information. For sponsorship opportunities at Road to the Horse 2018, contact Tammy Sronce at 940-859-6512 or email tammy@roadtothehorse.com.

  • RTTH World Champion Wilson Honorary Guest at 6666 Ranch

    IMG_7919adjl-webIt’s only fitting that the current World Champion of Colt Starting returns to where it all begun! New Zealand international show jumper Vicki Wilson made the trek back to the United States after claiming her first Road to the Horse Championship in March, for two historic reasons. To prepare her recently purchased 2017 World Champion colt BOON RIVER LAD for the thirty hour flight back to her homeland of New Zealand, and to step foot on the famous 6666 Ranch in Guthrie, Texas.

    After a fairytale ending at Road to the Horse 2017, Wilson vowed to continue his training, making BOON RIVER LAD the very first 6666 Ranch bred horse to call New Zealand home. Their bond was obvious at Road to the Horse and after falling in love with the courageous bay gelding she fondly called ‘Kentucky’, Wilson knew he would have a special place in their show team in New Zealand.

    “Matching the world’s best clinicians with the prestigious 6666 Ranch bloodlines continues to produce talented equine celebrities” states Road to the Horse Owner/Producer Tootie Bland. “Our Road to the Horse Alumni is just outstanding and I know ‘Kentucky’ will be a huge success under the guidance of Vicki Wilson.”IMG_8036adj-web2

    Tootie Bland accompanied Vicki Wilson on her visit to the 6666 Ranch where they toured the veterinary clinic, the broodmare remuda and watched colts under saddle in training. A highlight of the visit for Wilson was the chance to meet the dam of her 6666 Ranch colt, THREE EIGHTS BEDOUIN; a stout grey AQHA dam, who is known as the leader of the broodmare remuda.

    “It’s pretty amazing here at the 6666 Ranch” expressed Vicki Wilson. “When you get here you realize how big a setup this is and how many people it takes to operate with 600-700 horses, all healthy and happy and in such amazing condition.”

    Road to the Horse 2018 tickets are available online at www.RoadtotheHorse.com or by calling 877-772-5425. Follow Road to the Horse on Facebook for the latest information. For sponsorship opportunities at Road to the Horse 2018, contact Tammy Sronce at 940-859-6512 or email tammy@roadtothehorse.com.