• Twelve Numbers Defining a Million Memories

    Lat_Long_concept-smallWhat does this latitude and longitude mean to you? It may be the home of Road to the Horse. It may be named Lexington, Kentucky, but what it means to you depends on who you are. We can’t tell you what this number means to you but to us, this number represents history. An evolution of horsemanship that has passed through the hands of every Road to the Horse World Champion. To us, we are rewriting kindness in a manner it should have been written in the first place, we’re making a better world for the horse. We’re all brought together, on a global journey, to that one very spot for the love of the horse, that’s obvious, but what does that one very place mean to you?

    Is it the place you bonded with friends who now feel like family? Is it a place where you watched your granddaughter dance, standing on a chair crowned in a pink cowboy hat? Is it the place your forever love surprised you with the question? Is it the place where you thought of your horse and said I now understand my purpose?

    Twelve numbers, pinpointing one speck in the entire universe that defines a million memories. Memories that come to life over and over again as they play like a slideshow in your mind and as history unfolds, again and again. Twelve numbers that are not just an event, not just a place or not just a number.

    Remember this one spot with our ‘Where the Magic Happens’ T shirt.


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