March 26-29, 2015
   Lexington, Kentucky

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Western Horseman

Founded in 1936, Western Horseman is one of America's most respected and trusted publishing traditions. Serving as a "Voice for the Horse," Western Horseman played a vital role in the establishment of breed registries and in promoting America's love affair with horses.

Our award-winning writers work with the horse world's top sources to produce informative features on horsemanship, horse care, ranching, tack, recreational riding, competition and cowboy culture. And, our firsthand connection to the stock-horse world allows us to relate to our readers like no other magazine can: horseman-to-horseman.

Western Horseman. Essential for the Cowboy Life.

6666 Ranch6666 Ranch

One of the most well-respected Quarter Horse ranches in the United States, 6666 Ranch is a recipient of the AQHA Best Remuda Award, and has been named an AQHA All- Time Leading Breeder of Performance Horses. There is no doubt to any true horseman that the 6666 Ranch is a legend in its own time.

Working in partnership with the American Quarter Horse Association, the 6666 Ranch introduces to the world the AQHA Remuda from the 6666 Ranch at Road to the Horse 2014. Recognized for their exemplary equine breeding program and outstanding record of tradition and excellence it is only fitting that the best clinician be introduced in front of the world to the best horses.

Focusing on certain "mare families" that are proven to deliver desirable traits to their offspring has provided several predominant broodmare groups for 6666 Ranch. Matching proven maternal genetics with the industry's leading cutting, reining, ranch and all-around performance producers, 6666 Ranch has created fail-proof system for success.


Zoetis (zo-EH-tis) is dedicated to supporting customers and businesses focused on raising and caring for horses and other animals. Building on a 60-year history as the animal health business of Pfizer Inc., Zoetis discovers, develops, manufactures and markets equine vaccines, dewormers, diagnostics, sedatives, and more. Visit For Animals. For Health. For You.

American Quarter Horse Association

The American Quarter Horse has been the chosen breed for Road to the Horse from its inception. As the world's largest equine breed registry and member organization, AQHA promotes the versatility, athleticism and attitude of the Quarter Horse around the world.

As the horse that helped settle the West, the American Quarter Horse has been helping cowboys get the job done for more than a century. Matching the versatility of the horse, the American Quarter Horse Association offers opportunities for all horse interests - from racing and showing to ranching and recreational riding.

To learn more about all of the ways you can support your favorite breed of horse and get involved with AQHA, log onto

Platinum PerformancePlatinum Performance

Platinum Performance was developed at the Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center in 1996 by Doug Herthel, DVM. Understanding the power of nutrition and recognizing a clinical need, Dr. Herthel developed a formula that would help improve the quality and speed of healing in his patients' bone and soft tissue injuries after orthopedic surgery. Word of Platinum Performance's clinical success began to spread to other referring clinics, then eventually across the country and to horse owners around the world.

Platinum Performance remains a family business with our roots firmly planted in veterinary medicine. Our seasoned team formulates, develops and tests our products in our own California facility so we can ensure that our clients receive products they can trust every time. Platinum will never take shortcuts with your horse's health.

Looking to the Future
At Platinum things never stop moving. We believe in the power of optimal nutrition and supplementation, and we're constantly moving ahead with new products, new ingredients and new ways to help you and your animals feel and function at your best. As our team and our company grow, we'll do so with the same commitment to our clients and dedication to quality, research and results. You have our word.

W-W ManufacturingWW Livestock

W-W Livestock Systems began doing business in 1945 designing and manufacturing quality livestock handling equipment that stockman everywhere demand. W-W Livestock Systems continues to carry on the tradition that earned us the right to be known as the "World's Finest".

W-W Livestock Systems has one goal in mind and that is you the customer. Our staff is here to provide efficient livestock handling equipment which guarantees minimum stress to the livestock and maximum safety and ease of handling for the operator. Dedicated to quality and in constant pursuit of what you the customer needs. W-W has established a nationwide and worldwide dealer network with qualified personnel with 435 years of combined experience which are available for consultation in designing a system just right for your operation. W-W is the product of choice for the National Finals Rodeo since 1976 and is supplying the IFR and NHSFRA along with all major stock shows and Expos across the United States. Our goal is to continue to supply our more than1,200 dealers with the highest quality products available in the market place today.

Ram Trucks

Ram Heavy Duty. These are our values at work. Yes, it?s about versatile power and the strength to do the job. Yes, it?s about exceptional towing and hauling capability. To be sure, it?s about the wide range of available Mopar® Accessories that can transform this workhorse into a comfortable, Internet -connected room. But the overarching factor that defines and separates Ram Heavy Duty is value. Like our teamwork with Cummins,? whose brilliance gives you a Turbo Diesel with fewer moving parts ? translating into the real-world value of reduced maintenance costs. Like our formidable 5.7-liter HEMI® V8, whose legendary performance has served whole eras in automotive and aviation history. Finally, it?s about value measured in quality, with the 5-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty that backs you on every Ram Heavy Duty. These are our values. And time and time again, they work.

For more information visit:

CinchCinch Jeans & Shirts

LEAD, DON?T FOLLOW. Since 1996, the Cinch Clothing brand has been creating quality jeans and shirts for western men both in and out of the arena. Some of the best athletes from the rodeo, bull riding and equine performance circles love Cinch jeans and shirts because of the quality fit and the authentic western look. From collared shirts with short sleeves or long sleeves to outerwear and athletic gear to fashion-forward western jeans, the Cinch brand puts fit and styling first. Whether fashion basics or premium styles, the designs and reputation of Cinch Jeans make Cinch Clothing the number one choice for those who live and breathe the western way of life.

Learn more at

Centaur FenceCentaur® Fence

Centaur® Fence was developed because inventor, Ed Robbins, witnessed a tragic accident almost 30 years ago – a friend’s horse became entangled in a traditional wire fence, and was subsequently euthanized due to extensive injury. It was then that Robbins, an avid horseman, swore he would create fencing material that would be extraordinarily safe for horses. Today at Centaur®, all the rail and single strand products utilize HTP®, an exclusive cross-linked polymer technology, to create an incredibly strong and flexible horse fence. Each rail or strand is installed in a continuous run, allowing any impact to be absorbed by the entire length of the fence. Horses are safely contained and property value is increased. These are the qualities that make Centaur® an asset, not a liability.
See Centaur in action!

For more information visit:

Horse TrailersRed Brush Trailers

What makes Red Brush Different?
Red Brush Trailers is not just another trailer place. We are a horse family that has a passion for horses and riding. We use what we sell so we know what works and what does not work. Our goal is getting the customer the trailer that fits their needs, not just selling a trailer out of our inventory. Our dealership is only 1 year old but in that time we nearly reached the top 10 dealer list in the entire United States. We did this by meeting the needs of our customers with courteous and timely responses and a smooth ordering process. No change is too large or too small when it comes to a custom ordered trailer. Being the 11th largest Exiss/Sooner dealer in the country is an honor we do not take lightly and we know that it is ultimately the customer that determines where they buy their trailer.

Whether it is a totally custom unit or a unit from our stock we promise to make your buying experience a pleasurable one. Then, after the sale, should you need warranty work, we handle the process and make it as painless as possible. Exiss/Sooner has a 3/8 warranty, the strongest in the industry. For a full 3 years the interior parts of the trailer are covered. The frame and chassis are covered against defects for a period of 8 years. Second to none in the industry.

Be sure to stop by our display and see the Red Brush Trailers difference.

Martin Saddlery

We at Martin Saddlery are dedicated to giving you the most of FIT, FUNCTION & VALUE in a saddle. Martin Saddlery is built by professionals for professionals. Our saddles are designed to provide a better fit for your horse and specialized by discipline with the rider's needs in mind. Each Martin Saddle is hand crafted and individually assembled by the finest of craftsman. Often Duplicated, Never Matched.

Brooks Mayberry InsuranceBrooks Maberry Equine Insurance

Brooks Maberry Equine Insurance has been providing insurance for your farm, horses, and cattle for over 25 years. We pride ourselves in providing great insurance rates from people you trust. We want to get to know you! Having a personal relationship with your agent is very important. Every agent with this equine insurance agency is involved in the industry in many ways. Our goal is to understand how your particular operation is run. Call us today to get to know one of our representatives.

Twisted X Boots

Twisted X is dedicated to making better boots. We've spent a lot of time and energy in the design and development process. We've used newer technology, stronger and lighter weight components, new tannin' processes, as well as newer and more consistent manufacturing techniques.

We've applied all this, and still we're able to offer you traditional and authentic looking cowboy, western and work boots. Our technology gives you more durable, stable, light weight, breathable and comfortable boots. Our fit is consistent, throughout our line, due to the fact that all our last measurements are the same from ball to heel. Our insole boards have injected composite shanks with flex grooves, in the fore parts, for flexibility. This component is truly unique.

We've been involved in all phases of the boot industry for a long, long time and this is the best overall boot package we've ever been associated with: Twisted X is a better boot. We'll continue to search out the newest and best components available for your footwear demands.

For more information visit:

JW Brroks HatsJ.W. Brooks

J.W. Brooks is a hat maker that does not just turn out another cowboy hat. Each hat is a work of art. Each custom hat is crafted by western artist, J.W. Brooks, dedicated toward perfection of quality, style, look and feel with a concentration on the significance of true western individualism. He believes even though cowboys and western heritage seem to be classed under one heading, the true meanings are defined by the individual character and his or her own style. With millions of people throughout the years, separating themselves from everyone else by even the slightest modification to one of the most historical icons through history, the cowboy hat has no limitations. With only your imagination being the limit, there is no one else to trust in your pursuit of style than JW Brooks.

For more information visit


Nutrena© animal feed has been developing the latest innovations in the care and feeding of animals since 1921. We focus on providing precisely balanced, consistent nutrients in every bag to bring out the best in your horse, at any age or activity level.

Nutrena's innovative research into the nutritional needs of horses is enhanced by relationships with some of America's leading universities. Partnering with these institutions gives us access to the specialized expertise we need to develop Nutrena© products that are uniquely suited for all types of horses at every stage of their life.

No matter what you use your horses for, the right nutrition makes all the difference in keeping your horses health and happy. That's why Nutrena© has developed feeds that deliver optimum levels of nutrients, protein, fat and carbohydrates your horses need to stay in top condition. Nutrena© promises that they will do everything they can to help you find the right feed to achieve your goals.

No matter what part of the country you call home, you'll find Nutrena© feeds readily available so you can give your horses high-quality nutrition. For a lifetime.

Call 1-800-226-8039 to discuss your needs. Tell us what you'd like to accomplish. Or visit the Nutrena© dealer nearest you. And don't follow anyone. Just take the lead.

NutrenaUS Hunter Jumper Association

The United States Hunter Jumper Association, founded in 2004, is the National Affiliate for the Hunter/Jumper discipline. The USHJA is dedicated to providing not only members, but all hunter jumper enthusiasts, with quality educational materials, resources to become better horsemen and women and the promotional needs to advance our sport. The sport of hunters and jumpers is deeply rooted in tradition. USHJA strives to honor that tradition while reshaping the landscape of the future in order to ensure our sport continues to thrive for generations to come.

If you would like to learn more about the United States Hunter Jumper Association visit or visit us at the Kentucky Horse Park at 3870 Cigar Lane, Lexington, KY 405011.

PSFAThe "Fine Stepping" Paso Fino Horse

The Paso Fino Horse Association (PFHA) is the official registry of the authentic and treasured horse breed, the Paso Fino Horse, whose ancestors came to the Americas more than 500 years ago. These graceful, supple and comfortable equine athletes are popular with riders all across the United States, and more than 50,000 Paso Finos are currently registered by the PFHA.

Known for its stamina, beauty, proud and willing disposition, the Paso Fino is born with a natural gait unique to the breed. The name "Paso Fino" means "fine step." The evenly-spaced four-beat lateral gait is purposeful with each foot contacting the ground independently in a regular sequence at precise intervals, making the movement a rapid unbroken rhythm. Executed perfectly, the four hoof beats are absolutely even in both cadence and impact, resulting in unequalled comfort and smoothness for the rider. When watching a Paso Fino execute a "classic fino" performance at a show, the footfall is extremely rapid, oftentimes sending an exciting staccato sound throughout an arena. There is nothing quite like the animation of the Paso Fino gait!

The Paso Fino is a wonderful horse to have at home. An agile and versatile equine partner, Paso Finos make excellent trail horses and are able to compete in such events as pole bending, cowboy mounted shooting, obstacle trail challenge, and endurance.

Paso Fino owners love to share the joy of discovering the Paso Fino gait, and PFHA regions sponsor "Ride a Paso" activities throughout the year. There is nothing quite so delightful as seeing the famous "Paso Fino Smile" explode across the face of a first-time Paso Fino rider!

If you'd like to know more about the charming Paso Fino Horse, go to to join the PFHA and receive all the benefits of membership, including eight issues annually of the four-color Paso Fino Horse World coffee table magazine. You may also contact the Paso Fino Horse Association at

Prichards Distillery

Rum Hand Crafted In Traditional Pot Stills

Take a step back in time, a time when rum was America 's largest export and the fire of the American Revolution. With over a hundred rum distilleries in New England alone, the history of America is steeped in rum. Today however, in this age of assembly line production and an exodus of job opportunities to overseas manufacturing, the words "hand crafted" and "American made" seem to have little relevance in today's market place. Even the production of classic American distilled spirits and the trend towards acquisitions, mergers and mass production coupled with the development of column stills, could not be understood by the master distillers of yester-year. Prichards' Rums are an accurate recreation of America's first distilled beverage. Our rums are made from sweet American molasses from the plantations of Louisiana and distilled in traditional copper pot stills using the techniques of the master distillers of an older time. Prichards' Fine Rums are most certainly, nothing like the rum of the tropics we have come to know today.Please visit us at

SUNCOAST Pine Shavings

In 2002 SUNCOAST was one of the first companies to manufacture and bale pure pine shavings in ULTRA compressed bales.

With over 25,000,000 bales sold, to date, SUNCOAST is the world's largest supplier of pine shavings.

SUNCOAST holds the track record as manufacturing innovators, setting industry standards.

SUNCOAST has become the benchmark for the animal bedding industry, the perfect choice for all equine and livestock use.

  • Pure Pine - No By-Products or Contaminants
  • Clean & High Heat Dried - Dry & Absorbent
  • Low Dust - Reduce Respiratory Ailments
  • Superior Quality - Bio Secure
  • Consistent & Reliable Shavings, Bale after Bale
  • Convenient Compressed Package
  • Earth Friendly - LDPE4 Recyclable
  • Bio Secure

For more information visit:

Gist SilversmithsGist Silversmiths

Sophisticated style meets casual elegance... the legendary styling of a Gist piece of silver is unmistakable. Accessories in sterling and 14kt gold individually hand crafted by Gist Silversmiths with the utmost attention to detail... each piece, an expression of pride in fine craftsmanship.

For more information visit

CSI Saddle PadsCSI Saddlepads

The difference is AMAZING! CSI saddle pads are designed to disperse rider weight, saddle bar pressure, and the impact that occurs while riding. The innovative Flex-Plate inside the CSI saddle pad is designed to work with a horse's anatomy and takes into account both muscle and bone structure. This unique pad also factors in how the equine back shape relates to saddle tree design. When combined with the 100% needled wool liner, the CSI Flex-plate saddle pad virtually eliminates pressure points and back soreness. No matter how well your saddle fits, the CSI Flex-Plate saddle pad will make a difference in your ride.

Hand made in the USA, CSI Saddlepads offers a 30 day "ride it, try it, and get it dirty" money back guarantee. Visit our website for informative videos on saddle fit as well as information on how our pad solves common saddle fit issues. 877.274.7230 or 660.638.4CSI (4274)


ThinLine is made in the USA and we support USA manufacturers for assembly of most of our product lines. ThinLine pads are different from other saddle pads because they incorporate a unique, open cell technology which moves shock, weight, and heat laterally along the pad without compressing. The result is 95% shock absorption in a thinner, less bulky pad. The trademark open cell technology also makes ThinLine horse tack 100% breathable so heat and moisture are not trapped. An anti-microbial agent is also infused into ThinLine girths and horse boots. Because ThinLine doesn't compress or slip, pressure points created by movement in the saddle or challenges associated with working muscles are nearly eliminated.

ThinLine is a small company with great customer service; we are all riders. Many professionals endorse our products, and ThinLine does not pay riders for endorsements. Please be sure to thank them if they sent you our way, they are doing it because they simply want the horses to be happier, and that is what it is all about for us too.

Please visit us at

Breyer Breyer

Breyer Animal Creations?, is one of America’s most iconic toy brands. Founded in 1950, this family-owned, NJ-based company has dedicated itself to the creation of authentic and realistic model horses for play and collecting. Breyer and its ‘portrait’ models of horse heroes and animals like Secretariat, Black Beauty, Seabiscuit and Lassie have inspired children of all ages to love and respect horses, animals and the natural world. Breyer’s partnerships with publishers like Scholastic and Macmillan Children’s Publishing and studios like Universal (Seabiscuit); DreamWorks (Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and Dreamer), and Touchstone Pictures (Hidalgo) have provided a platform to create new content and play forms for children inspiring a world of imagination and creativity.

Breyer?s three-day annual horse fair and model horse collector festival BREYERFEST will celebrate its 25th anniversary July 11-14 at the Kentucky Horse Park. Special guests include Emmy? Award winning television star, fashion designer and horseman Carson Kressley with Siren Song Stables fabulous Friesian Gooitzen fan Teakesyl, Knights of Valour, Behind the Mask Friesians and Knights of Iceland. BreyerFest is fun for the entire family. Visit or call 800-413-3348 to learn more about BreyerFest, the model horse hobby and Breyer.

Horse Radio NetworkHorse Radio Network

The Horse Radio Network is the voice of the horse world. HRN offers many different entertaining and educational shows covering a variety of disciplines. Tune in at or using the free iPhone or Android App found in the stores.

Daryl Davis Flying D Enterprises

Born in California to a family well established in the horse industry, Daryl Davis developed the necessary standards of horsemanship under the tutorship and guidance of his father. His ability to understand and apply the everyday horseman's knowledge into the science of bits and bitting of horses has developed a well renowned style from starting 2 year olds to the finished performance horse. Today his work is used on ranches and Futurity Finals. This includes customized bits, spurs, saddle and headstall silver, custom buckles, and jewelry.

Give Daryl Davis a call at 817-598-1519 for more information!

Hagyard Equine Medical Institute

Hagyard Equine Medical Institute is the oldest and one of the largest equine veterinary practices in the world. The institute offers a staff with qualifications unparalleled by any single non-university veterinary group in the equine industry, and Hagyard veterinarians have dedicated themselves to the health and well-being of the horse for more than 136 years.

Since its inception in 1876, Hagyard Equine Medical Institute has been at the forefront of equine medicine. Its reputation is built, in part, on a continued effort to increase veterinary knowledge and thereby improve the state-of-the-art treatments and surgeries offered to its diverse equine clientele which represent international breeding operations, world-renowned race horses as well as 3-day eventers and pleasure horses.

The facility at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute offers 13 Digital Radiology systems, 1.5 Tesla Siemens MRI, Nuclear Scintigraphy, an on-site laboratory, an on-site pharmacy, full surgical services, dedicated Sport Horse services, and Hyperbaric Medicine. The institute is currently composed of over 50 experienced veterinarians, with 12 board certifications in specialty areas of Medicine, Surgery, Critical Care, and Theriogenology.

For more information on Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, please visit us at


If you travel with a horse, you need USRider.

USRider is a roadside assistance company that takes care of drivers and their horses, too.

Our Equestrian Motor Plan provides standard features such as flat-tire repair, battery assistance and lock-out services, towing up to 100 miles and roadside repairs for not just tow vehicles but horse trailers, as well.

If you need it, we will arrange emergency stabling, provide veterinary and farrier referrals and more.

For more than a decade USRider has handled thousands of disablements annually across the United States and Canada with great precision, achieving one of the highest member satisfaction ratings in the motor plan industry.

And while we are a motor plan created for horse owners by people who own and love horses, you don?t have to be traveling with your horse to be covered. We take care of you in any non-commercial vehicle you are traveling in, even if you?re not driving.

Want more reasons to love us? We now also offer equine insurance, underwritten and administered by Markel, so the same company you trust to rescue you and your horse on the road can protect your dreams, too.

USRider: Total trusted Protection.

Triton Horse StallsTriton Horse Stalls

We offer standard horse stalls, modular horse barns, portable facility horse stalls, custom euro stall fronts, horse stall kits, roofing and stall flooring for your horse barn, and roundpens.

Triton Horse Stalls and horse barns are Hot Dip Galvanized after fabrication which allows the parts to be galvanized on the outside where you see it and on the inside where the rusting process starts in painted and pre-galvanized panels. We galvanize according to ASTM A-123 specifications, which requires a minimum 98% zinc coating.

Our track and trolley system is maintenance free. The track is galvanized and the trolleys are made from high strength "Delrin" material. Triton Stall Systems offer Hot Dip Galvanized Horse Stalls and Horse Barns. Our horse stalls are based on modular design which provides the user maximum flexibility in laying out your horse barn the way you want it. Triton Horse Stalls are designed with the safety of both horse and owner in mind. All stall panels are heavy walled, solid welded one piece frame construction.

With our "can do" attitude, if you can dream it, we can build it. Triton Horse Stalls offer numerous configuration options and your custom ideas are always welcome. Learn more at:

Valley Vet SupplyValley Vet Supply

Valley Vet Supply is proud to be a sponsor of Road to the Horse. This fine example of sportsmanship stands tall as a shining example for aspiring cowboys & cowgirls and horsemen & horsewomen. Valley Vet Supply has been providing all manner of horse supplies for over 20 years. From small beginnings in 1986 to shipping internationally today, we understand what value and service means to the individual. As we like to say, "Try us for our prices and keep us for our service!"

For more information visit:

ABI EquineABI Equine

At Absolute Innovations, we know how important your horses are to you. The same great company that brought you the TR3 Rake and the Kiser DragMaster now offers a complete line of products for horse footing. Our commitment to you is that we will offer products that are not just innovative, but ones that will save you time and money - and therefore make your life a little easier with "complete footing solutions from the industry's leading experts".

Learn more at:

Spalding Fly Predators

If flies drive you and your horses crazy, depend on Spalding Labs' expertise for the real deal in fly relief. For 36 years we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of horse owners control flies the safe and easy way. We recommend a simple four step plan that really fixes the problem, rather than just chase them away temporarily. For most folks just adding Fly Predators® is all that’s needed but if you have flies coming from neighbors, adding traps and Bye Bye Odor® to handle those “visitors” completes the program.

For more info call 1-800-560-1433 or click here

Equine Savings

Delivering the best products to the entire equine world and providing exceptional value for all. Equine Savings is Group Purchasing Benefits For: Horse Farms, Equine Facility's and Industry Participants

Learn more at:

Saratoga Saddlery

At Saratoga Saddlery you will find unique gift ideas & couture from around the world. Our equestrian style boutiques will deliver the high level of customer service you deserve. Our stylists will offer special help with new or existing orders. You will find a great selection of women's, men's and children's apparel and accessories. In our tack shop you will find quality riding apparel for all your riding needs. Can't find it? Just call us and our friendly customer service will try to find it for you. We do special orders around the nation. We always have unique gifts for someone special.

Healthy Horse Drury Healthy Horse Feeders

Our Healthy Horse Feeders are the best continuous slow feeders to hit the market. Designed, built and tested by a horse owner, they will last forever. Our Feeders are a new equine industry investment that can provide a healthier lifestyle for your horse and, we believe, will revolutionize the way many horse owners are feeding their horses.

Learn more at:

Lighthouse GraphicsLighthouse Graphics

Lighthouse Graphics represents the very best quality and design in screen and digital printing and embroidery. It is our mission to Empower Blind Americans through rehabilitation, education, training, and employment.

Our highly skilled team is dedicated to an exceptional print and stitch, every time. With more than 60 combined years in the graphic industry, our team can turn your ideas into reality. Mix this expertise with top-of-the-line equipment, and you get a team that can handle any request.

We take pride not only in exceeding our customers? expectations with beautiful, high quality apparel, but also in building relationships that last far beyond the last stitch or print.

Learn more at:


We are the manufacturer of the TheraPlate Revolution - the world's finest rehabilitation and therapy system.

TheraPlate is similar in some ways to many of the Whole Body Vibration (WBV) technologies that are gaining in popularity. But, there are important differences between our patented technology and all the others. Our machines and their proprietary 4 Zone Vortex Wave design and operation are the result of more than 30 years of working with this same technology in the treatment and prevention of injuries and other debilitating conditions in Horses, and Humans. Our machines offers a ZERO impact experience, so you get the benefits without further injury or aggravating existing conditions.

Learn more at:

Western Shooting HorseWestern Shooting Horse

Western Shooting Horse delivers the inside track info competitors need and enthusiasts want. Each issue is filled cover to cover with explosive photographs and step-by-step instruction that bring readers right into the sport. From in-depth features and event reports to product reviews and featured horses, Western Shooting Horse steps even further with cutting edge articles on Western fashion, lifestyle and travel.

Nothing gets by Western Shooting Horse because we’re right in the middle of the action. Our award-winning writers and photographers cover the events, products, lifestyle and horses and get up-close and personal with the movers, shakers and the makers…and we bring it all to you in print and online at

Horsemen's Corral

The Horsemen's Corral Magazine serves the horse industry in OH, KY, WV, PA, MI and IN with the most comprehensive source of equine marketing that includes Print, Radio, and Social Media plus nearly 100 personal appearances by our own Professional Equine Announcer. The Horsemen's Corral is "Your One Source for the Horse"!

Learn more at:

Horseman's Hoofbeat

A monthly publication for all breeds, all disciplines and all levels of equine enthusiasts. Every publication is complementary to our over 60,000 faithful readers and packed with educational material as well as featuring top equine & farm related companies. Traditional print publications are distributed across the Southeast US in local farm supply stores, livestock auction houses, horse shows and special equine events. Also, e-Book Issues, both current & previous, can be viewed worldwide at

April Hester started Horseman's Hoofbeat in June 2013 upon the closing of a previous regional equine magazine. Having been a graphic designer for 11 years and avid equestrian for 25 years, April ensures each issue of Horseman's Hoofbeat is educational, informative, and enjoyable. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin. Horseman's Hoofbeat is based out of Chickamauga, Georgia and can be reached by phone at 423-933-3057 or by email at

Contact us if you are ready to make the most of your advertising budget. Target equestrian consumers while benefiting from our many free services; such as free graphic design, free e-book features, with no hidden charges and no set-up or scanning charges.

Horseman's Hoofbeat is "The Hoofbeat For Today's Horseman".

HoofbeatsQuarter Horse News

Quarter Horse News is an award-winning semimonthly newsmagazine that provides the most comprehensive and timely coverage of the Western performance horse industry. Focusing on cutting, reining and reined cow horse, Quarter Horse News has been a trusted source of news and information with real meaning to its readers for over 30 years.

Quarter Horse News also publishes two special annual publications that are sent to all of its readers as a part of their paid subscription. Published since 1998, the Quarter Horse News Stallion Register is the leading stallion resource guide for mare owners in the Western performance horse industry.

The Quarter Horse News Sales Price Guide is the most comprehensive sales resource guide available in the Western performance horse industry. The publication features sale results, statistics and analysis from the top cutting, reining and reined cow horse sales held each year. There is a complete listing of all horses sold in the prior year's sales as well as charts listing the top sires, grandsires and dams of horses sold divided into several categories including age and discipline. For more information visit or find us on Facebook.


Join us in 2014!

Become a partner of Road to the Horse and reach audiences around the globe!

For more information email: