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Obbie Scholm is an old cowgirl soul in an 18-year-old body.  The historic traditions of California horsemen built the core of Obbie’s training style and method.  Since she could walk, Obbie has ridden anything with four legs – horses, mules and bucking bulls.  As a home-schooled scholar, Obbie had the opportunity to roam and ride the hills of Silverado, California.

At the old age of 14, Obbie worked race colts at Los Alamitos Race Course.  During summers, she started colts for Kennedy Farms and would return to her family’s home ranch to work with problem horses that no one else wanted to ride. 

Obbie“People brought me the bad ones,” shared Obbie. “Those horses taught me how important it is to be calm and confident.  I have a plan for each horse, each day.  I accept and appreciate everything the horse gives me.”

When Obbie was 12, she watched the 2007 Extreme Mustang Makeover on television.  She told her mom that she was going to enter a Mustang Makeover as soon as she reached the required age of 18.  The month she turned 18, she completed her application to the Makeover and picked up not one, but two wild Mustangs for the Norco, California, competition.  Following about 100 days of training, Obbie competed on two Mustangs winning both the Reserve Champion and Champion positions.  The crowd fell in love with this 18-year-old phenomenon and voted her as fan favorite.

Obbie brings a young and fresh approach to the colt-starting arena.  She combines the compassion for animals that is engrained in her generation with the grit and determination of the old west. Obbie is no rookie.  Be prepared to watch Obbie connect with horses and reach across generations to pull the hearts of young and old into the arena with her.

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